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100 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress, Stay Motivated, 
and Nourish Your Soul
by Mary H. Frakes

"A truly peaceful book and companion to life."

Dr. Richard Carlson, Author
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...
and It's All Small Stuff

"For the cynics among us, take heart that Frakes' primer is not mere New Age psychobabble. She manages to mix the practical, the humorous, and the spiritual in balanced doses....Smart, crisp prose."

Nancy Gaines, Columnist
The Boston Phoenix

"Take a moment, a cup of herbal tea, and a sunny window and sink into Mary Frakes' inspiring prose about walking. You'll find motivation to find new paths, in walking and in life."

Maggie Spilner, Walking Editor
Prevention Magazine

"MindWalks is a wonderful guide to the joy, delights, and peace to be discovered in walking...Thoreau once remarked that he knew of only a few who understood the art of walking. I think that had he read MindWalks, Thoreau would have added Mary Frakes to his short list."

Lane Conn, Ph.D.
The Ecopsychology Institute

"A dazzling variety of approaches to walking...Full of surprising insights that will change the way you both think and feel."

Richard Griffin
Syndicated Columnist

"...a simple but powerful way to change your perspective."

Natural Health

"Frakes' suggestions...will inspire you to keep moving, regardless of the obstacles that life throws at you."

Walking Magazine

"MindWalks provides gentle and useful guidance to people in need of physical, spiritual and/or emotional resuscitation."

ForeWord Magazine

"[MindWalks] is the solution to a problem you might not have known you had: how to add interest to your daily walk. If you are beginning to balk at going out the door, it's time to spice it up as well as to sharpen your senses and maybe even jumpstart your thinking and problem-solving processes. MindWalks can do that."

Wendy Bumgardner, Walking Guide

"If you've ever felt overwhelmed by life's demands - and who hasn't? - I recommend reading Mary H. Frakes' little book, MindWalks...Frakes provides creative and practical guidance in how to make a walk enjoyable, productive, and fun...Frakes' positive and thoughtful essays are a good choice for bedtime reading. Psychologists tell us that 45 minutes before bedtime our subconscious absorbs whatever we hear, see or read. Lately I've been turning off the 11 p.m. news, and have been reading a few essays before I doze off. This has resulted in some very sweet and helpful dreams. You can do the same."

Women Entrepreneurs HomeBased News

"A good walk is second only to a cup of steaming tea with a cat purring on the lap. MindWalks shows how, once the tea is consumed and the cat has wandered off, a good long walk can cure a myriad of ills - internal and external."

Midwest Book Review




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