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Things that Can Make Your Life Easier
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About.com's Walking site - This is one of the most useful sites on the Web for walking information. It has a lot of information for serious athletes and racewalkers, but novices will find it a terrific reference resource. (Check out what they said about MindWalks!)

American Volkssport Association - Volksmarching is a European movement that organizes structured walking programs, both guided and independent. By recording which AVA-sanctioned trails and events they participate in, AVA members can get pins, patches, and other awards.

WalkBoston - This local group is part of America Walks, a nonprofit organization that works to make cities and towns safer and more enjoyable for walkers.

Things That Can Make Your Life Easier
Find a zip code - If you've ever had to look up a zip code, or try to figure out what towns a zip code covers, you should bookmark this spot. Believe me, you'll use it. One of the best things the US Postal System has done in a long time.

Food for the Spirit
Art & Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland can help inspire you to persevere with the challenges of any project, not just creative work. It's available on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

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