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  • Your group can be as large or as small as you like. Selecting people of similar endurance levels can help ensure no one feels bored or pressured to do too much.

  • Make sure you take along something to carry your finds home with you: a fanny pack, a plastic grocery sack, or a jacket with pockets. Discovery is part of the fun of a MindWalk.

  • Pick a MindWalk for the day and read it aloud to the group before you start out. The group can then focus on that technique as you walk. You can also encourage the group to choose a selection for the next walk and read it before you get together. Or take turns letting each person inspire the group before you start by reading a favorite passage from the book.

  • Encourage group members to share their reactions to what they're experiencing. Agree in advance that any observation is fair game - no criticism allowed. Or appoint one person to be that day's MindWalks guide, responsible for helping the group get the most out of your walk.

  • Agree on a time limit before starting. If some want to MindWalk longer than the rest, encourage them to continue the walk on their own and report to the group next time on what they discovered. Members shouldn't be pressured to walk longer than they feel comfortable with (though a little encouragement can sometimes help us all do more than we thought possible).

  • Once every 3 months, celebrate the change of seasons by reading one of the "MindWalks in Time and Place." For example, the Memorial Day weekend is a good time to reread the section titled "Summer Abundance."

  • If the group can't get together in person, take a MindWalk by phone call or e-mail. Describe what you'd like to be out doing, plan future walks, or reminisce about past discoveries. And promise yourselves to get out there next time!

  • Use the MindWalks Journal to keep a group record of your times together. Appoint someone to be the journal's custodian and bring it each time you get together. At the end of each walk, let members record whatever they'd like to preserve - a thought, a joke, a tiny wildflower. Date the page so you'll have a log of the group's collective memories.

  • Share your group's experiences with other MindWalkers. Write us at PO Box 382346, Cambridge, MA 02238, or you can send us an e-mail at . We'd love to hear how you're doing!

Happy MindWalking!




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